Dumbarton v Spartans Head-to-head Record (The Sons Archive - Dumbarton Football Club Historical Archive)


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 Jul 14th League Cup (Group H) p 0 - 0  (A)    245  

Dumbarton has yet to play a game against this team in this competition.

First Competitive Meeting
Jul 14th, 2018League Cup (Group H)
(A) 0 - 0

Most Recent Competitive Meeting
Jul 14th, 2018League Cup (Group H)
(A) 0 - 0

Last 10 Competitive Meetings

0 - 0

Biggest Victories

Heaviest Defeats

Highest Attendance
Jul 14th, 2018League Cup (Group H)
(A) 245

Highest Home Attendance
None recorded.

Top Goalscorers
All Competitions
League Only

Current Squad vs. Spartans
Adam, G 1-
Aitchison, J --
Allardice, S --
Ballantyne, C --
Barr, C 1-
Barr, B 1-
Carswell, S 1-
Dowie, A 1-
Dyer, W 1-
Forbes, R 1-
Gallagher , C 1-
Hutton, K 1-
Little, A 1-
Loy, R --
McGowan, J --
Mutch, R --
Paton, M 1-
Perry, R 1-
Russell, I 1-
Smith, C --
Spencer, B --
Thomas, D --
Thomson, R 1-
Trialist, F --
The following players have played for both Dumbarton and Spartans