Player Records

Below are lists of player records pertaining to record appearances, goals scored and clean sheets kept.

The following players have played over 500 games for Dumbarton in all competitions.

The following players have scored over 100 goals for Dumbarton in all competitions.

Hugh Gallacher (173 goals)

Roy McCormack (131 goals)

Johnny Haddow (112 goals)

The following goalkeepers have kept over 30 clean sheets for Dumbarton in all competitions.

Lawrie Williams (87 clean sheets)

Stephen Grindlay (62 clean sheets)

John Miller (58 clean sheets)

Ian MacFarlane (53 clean sheets)

Tom Carson (46 clean sheets)

Tom (or Tam, as he is sometimes known) was brought up in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire and he signed for the Sons in 1979, transferring from local Junior side Vale of Leven FC.

He played a major part in two promotion campaigns for the Sons and was a successful manager too, leading the team to promotion to the Scottish Second Division in the 2001/02 season but left soon after.

Tom has not returned to football since the end of the 2001/2 season.

Gordon Arthur (34 clean sheets)

Beginning his senior career with Dundee in 1975, Gordon failed to make a first-team appearance and moved to Stirling Albion in 1977, featuring in nearly 200 league matches for The Binos before moving to Dumbarton in 1984.

Arthur was a first-team regular in his four years at Boghead and played in the club's only appearance in the top fligt of Scottish football - the Premier Division.

He moved to his hometown club Raith Rovers in 1988.

Doug Robertson (31 clean sheets)